Barb C., Wesley Chapel, FL July 2016

A couple of weekends ago we were heading over to St. Pete on Saturday to visit with friends, and as we left from the front of the garage onto the driveway, we heard a very loud noise. We weren’t sure where it came from, so assumed something was stuck under Ken’s car. We both got out and looked around nothing was there. Can’t figure out what it was, so we headed on over to St. Pete. When we got home (around midnight), we realized that the garage door wasn’t opening, even though the light turned on. After some checking around, we realized the house is locked up pretty tight, but I did find a window that was (thankfully) unlocked so I climbed through. Ken and I went to the garage to see what was wrong, only to find that the big spring that goes across the garage door was longer installed, but had fallen on top of the rails. My car was now a hostage inside the garage. This was July 4th weekend, so on Sunday morning, I called Banko to get a price for them to come fix it. The guy was really nice, let me know that because of it being the weekend & holiday, would be an extra service fee. Since we had Ken’s car to use if needed (it wasn’t being held hostage), I opted to save the extra money and scheduled for repair on Tuesday. When the Banko repair guy arrived, he took time to explain what had happened and what my options were. I like to ask a lot of questions when there’s stuff I haven’t dealt with before, and he was really patient with me on that! The repair wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been and the damage to my garage door was minimal. On top of that, the price was actually lower than was quoted over the phone (yay!) and he was quick to finish. If you ever need garage door repair, you should consider calling Banko!