Court Z., Bradenton, August 10, 2012

I own the Anna Maria Island Inn in Bradenton Beach and recently had 2 estimates from Banko competitors who came and looked at my garage door. I was hoping and expecting that my door, though in bad shape, could simply be fixed instead of replaced. Both competitors said there was no way to fix and MUST be replaced. Both estimates were north of $1100 and both said that the specialty doors would have to be ordered and would take 2+ weeks for installation. Banko was the 3rd estimate I received and the repairman who came did not hesitate in saying it could most certainly be just repaired. The total for his estimate was $350, and he came 2 days later on a Friday and repaired the door. It is now working good and looking good, and I am a very happy customer as I saved appx. $800, not to mention 2+/- weeks’ time.