Olivia D., Riverview, FL October 2016

We recently built a house and during our walk-through we realized the builder didn’t install a Garage Opener. I’d never been in that type of situation before. We asked a construction manager if he had any recommendations and he mentioned Banko. I looked them up online and gave them a call. They sent a representative over to the house the very next day. I had no clue what to expect, but after talking to the rep, I was very relieved to hear that they offered affordable prices and features! The Banko rep returned to our house the following week to install the automatic garage opener system, gave us two remotes and also installed a key pad. A couple hours later and we were all set! The garage door now opens smoothly and without too much noise. I am so happy Banko was able to take care of our need. I can see why they are highly recommended!