Terry M., Land O’ Lakes, July 16, 2014

So, Saturday I posted about us having to have I garage door fixed because it wouldn’t open all the way. Thus, leaving us PRIOSNERS in our own home. The door was WAY too heavy to lift by myself. Anyway, Terry called Banko Overhead Doors for two reasons: 1.) That’s the commercial we remembered and 2.) They are the company that installed the door originally when the house was built and their sticker was on the door. From the original phone call to the service tech’s job, we couldn’t be more thrilled. The gentleman that answered the phone was very helpful, knowledgeable, professional and nice.   We were nicely surprised that they had a Technician available to come out on a Saturday.

Gene, our Tech for that day called in advance of arriving and had us up and running in no time. He had the parts on the truck and even performed the “tune-up” service while he was here. Gene explained everything he was doing, why he was doing it and what to expect next. As a mechanic that matters. When he arrived we determined that we had to get the door open so he would have access to do the required work. We had Terry manning the garage door button while Gene and I were ready to lift the door with the garage door opener’s assistance. Then we moved the cars out of the way and Gene got right to work. He fixed it quickly and at a more than fair price considering it was Saturday. Banko Overhead Doors is lucky to have both of these gentlemen working for them. If the rest of their crew is anything like these two, the have a fine team indeed.

Overall we are more than happy with the service provided and will recommend Banko Overhead Doors to anyone that needs garage door installation, service or repair.