Yvette G., Tampa, June 26, 2013

Last week as I was heading out to go to work when my garage door wouldn’t open. Even when I tried to manually open it, the door just wouldn’t budge. I had to call my neighbor for help and somehow he managed to get it to move out of the way. That same day I went online and did a Google search for garage door repair places in Tampa. I had heard of other places (i.e. Sears, etc.) but, frankly, they were charging me an arm and a leg. I’m alone and on a tight budget so the price was important. I came across Banko and clicked on it. Then I called. I was shocked that they had the best price out of all the other places I called! Plus they even offer a warranty! It turns out the springs were broken. They came out the same day and got it all fixed. The serviceman was respectful and very professional. I highly recommend them to everyone out there who needs anything fixed on their garage door. I would definitely use them again. Very happy customer (with a now working again garage door).