Garage Opener Accessories

Modern technology means there’s far more to garage opener operation than just an opener and a remote. Today, homeowners enjoy access to a range of garage door accessories that can enhance their efficiency and convenience on a day-to-day basis.

At Banko Overhead Doors, we’re proud to offer a selection of garage door opener accessories that meet the highest quality standards. If you’re looking to add more efficiency and convenience to your home and lifestyle, check out our selection of garage door accessories.

Find the Garage Door Accessories You Need

You’ll find the LiftMaster garage door opener accessories you want and need at Banko Overhead Doors. If you’ve been dreaming of ways to make your garage door easier and more convenient to operate, we can deliver the solutions. Our selection of LiftMaster garage door accessories includes:

  • Garage door and gate monitors: MyQ®-Enabled Technology makes it possible to operate up to four different garage doors and gates from one device.
  • Light controls: Light controls allow you to turn lamps inside your house off and on from a smartphone or directly from your garage door remote.
  • Wireless keyless entries: Don’t have your key or garage door remote? No problem. A wireless keyless entry will give you the ability to open and close your door at any time.
  • Mini universal remote controls: If you don’t want a bulky garage door remote, choose a mini universal remote, which offers a small footprint and amazing durability.

Banko Overhead Doors is also proud to have a partnership with Key by Amazon, which allows eligible Prime members to choose an in-garage delivery option. Users will simply link their MyQ account in the Amazon Key app, which will allow drivers to open the door when they arrive with a package, then close it again before leaving.

These LiftMaster garage door opener accessories and many others will be available when you choose Banko Overhead Doors.

Our Accessories include:


Discover the Best Garage Door Accessories

At Banko Overhead Doors, we’ve been offering Florida home and business owners the best of the best in garage door products and services since 1984. Whether you’re looking for LiftMaster accessories for a garage door opener or something else entirely for your door system, we’re here to see your vision become a reality.

When you’re ready, check out our selection of garage door accessories for sale, and contact us if you have any questions about how to enhance your home’s efficiency and convenience.

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