Roll-Up Fire Doors

Roll-Up Fire Doors

Many factories, warehouses, transit centers and other industrial operations need commercial garage doors to provide their services. Roll-up fire doors are invaluable in these environments because of their ability to stop the spread of flames and smoke. At Banko Overhead Doors, we offer a range of roll-up fire door solutions that feature different capabilities and options. Read on to learn more about our fire-rated roll-up door options, and contact us for a free estimate.

Fire Rated Door Selection

We offer a series of rolling fire rated doors that ensure you can find the door that your organization needs. These roll-up fire doors are available insulated and noninsulated, and each features governed speed control and automatic closing in the event of a fire.

In addition, a rolling fire door also provides security and access control benefits that go beyond egress requirements and regulations.

Some of our top products include:

CERD10 STANDARD HEAVY DUTY FIRE RATED DOORS: Choose from among 22-, 20- and 18-gauge options when selecting this fire-rated door. Available in light gray or tan, you may also choose powder coating or 20-gauge 300 series stainless steel with #4 finish. Find sizes ranging from 30-feet wide by 30-feet high for standard construction up to larger opening of 50-by-40. The CERD10 features a standard chain hoist with optional motor or manual operation available.

CERD20 INSULATED FIRE DOORS: The CERD20 and its mineral wool insulation achieve a flame spread and smoke development index factor of zero. Available in standard construction sizes of 30 feet wide by 22 feet high, you may also select these roll-up fire doors for larger openings up to 34 feet wide. Available in light gray or tan with optional powder coating, the CERD20 features either motor, chain or crank operation.

CERD11 STANDARD HEAVY DUTY FIRE AND SMOKE RATED DOOR: The CERD11 is UL-classified for fire protection and property loss, as well as S leakage rated for smoke and draft control. Available in light gray or tan with optional powder coating available, the CERD11 is made of galvanized steel. Find sizes ranging from 30 feet wide by 25 feet high for standard construction, as well as sized to fit larger openings up to 34 feet wide. Choose from among motor, chain or crank operation systems.

CERD21 INSULATED HEAVY DUTY FIRE AND SMOKE RATED DOOR: This garage door’s mineral wool insulation achieves a flame spread and smoke development index factor of zero. Made of galvanized steel, the CERD21 features the cast iron endlocks and windlocks required by the UL procedure. Available in gray or tan, you may also choose to add optional powder coating. Select from among motor-, chain- or crank-operating systems for ease of testing and controlled automatic closing speed.

The Banko Advantage

Since 1984, Banko has been working with home and business owners to install high-quality garage doors and to execute fast and effective garage door repairs. We offer a wide selection of commercial garage doors that includes roll-up fire doors, steel fire doors and much more. When you have overhead door needs in west central Florida, you can count on the team at Banko.

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