How to Get Into Your Garage When There’s a Power Failure

When the power goes out, your automatic garage door opener won’t work. This can be stressful during a storm, power outage or other emergency.

Thankfully, there’s a safe and easy way to get into your garage when the power is out. While the procedure can vary slightly by model of garage door opener, when the power is out, the steps will generally go as follows:

  • Step 1: Verify that your garage door is fully closed. While disengaging your garage door from the automatic opener while the door is open may be possible, this can be dangerous. Older doors can fall and cause injury or damage if the springs or tension cables are worn, so it’s not advised to disengage your garage door and operate it manually if it’s stuck in the open position. Contact a professional in this case.
  • Step 2: Locate the manual/emergency release for your opener. This is usually a cord or cable located at the top of your door close to the opener rail. The cable is typically red and should feature a red handle or loop to make pulling easier.
  • Step 3: Pull down on the rope. If you have not used your emergency release in a long time, it may require a firm tug. Verify that the locking mechanism is fully disengaged from the opener mechanism.
  • Step 4: Manually lift your garage door. Depending on the condition of your springs and rollers, your garage door may be difficult to open by hand.
  • Step 5: You can also close your garage door manually, but note that it will not lock as long as it is disengaged from the opener. Be sure to lock it manually or re-engage the manual/emergency release handle to ensure no one can access your garage.

While it’s possible to open your garage door during a power failure, it is advisable to contact a professional if you have never disconnected your garage door opener before. Schedule an inspection today and our team of professionals here at Banko Overhead Doors can come and show you how to safely open your door in case of a power failure. We can also inspect your door and verify that everything is working properly.

We’ve spent over three decades satisfying the garage door and opener needs of customers in Florida and look forward to becoming your trusted garage door installation and service expert. Always remember to be safe and ensure all children and pets are clear from the area when you attempt to open your garage door during a power failure. You can also consult our online emergency garage door repair page for more information.