Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

You’ve made a significant investment in a garage door, and it’s important that you get the greatest return possible on that investment. A garage door is sure to break down from time to time, just think of the number of times you open and close it annually. The best way to prevent emergency situations and to extend the usable life of your product is to schedule proactive and regular overhead door maintenance.

At Banko Overhead Doors, we work with Florida homeowners each day to ensure their garage doors are operating at peak potential. Our team of experienced technicians can pinpoint areas of concern and make the small repairs needed to ensure that your garage door functions properly. We offer preventive and general maintenance or tune-ups for homes and businesses.  You tune up your car, maintain your pool and golf carts and boats, don’t ignore your garage door.  Trust Banko for your residential and commercial garage door maintenance needs.

Maintain Your Garage Door ROI

A garage door is a vital cog in any household and in many businesses. In fact, most homeowners now use the garage door as a veritable front door, going in and out of it far more often than the actual entry door. That’s why it’s important to invest in a quality garage door. It’s equally as important to ensure you’re caring for it in a way that will extend its lifespan. Regular garage door maintenance from a professional service provider will cost little in the long run compared to making emergency repairs, plus you’ll see a lengthened lifespan of your product.

Keeping Your Garage Door Safe

In addition to return on investment, regular garage door maintenance service also helps keep you safe. Garage doors are under massive amounts of tension and weight, from the springs to the roller and tracks and more. This weight and tension can become a hazard when a garage door is not working properly. At Banko, our overhead door maintenance services include an inspection for any potential garage door safety issues. We can identify problem areas before they become a hazard to you and your family.

The Banko Advantage

Are you looking for a garage door maintenance program in Florida? At Banko, we have more than 30 years experience in helping homeowners install, maintain and repair garage doors. Our team includes experienced technicians who can quickly and effectively diagnose any issues your garage door may be experiencing, make expert recommendations about how to proceed, and execute the repairs you deem necessary. We will never sell you anything you don’t need and offer the correct solution for your home or business.

We send our own team members rather than subcontractors, each of them are background checked by a third party. At Banko, we believe our full-time employees are best positioned to deliver on the service excellence we’re known for. Get the greatest return on investment for your garage door and keep yourself and your family safe when you choose Banko for garage door maintenance.

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