Garage Door Remote Controls

A high-functioning garage door opener brings efficiency and convenience to a home. When your existing garage door opener stops working, it’s crucial to find a new one to ensure that same level of efficiency and convenience for years to come.

When you need a new garage door opener and remote control, consider the selection of high-quality options you’ll find at Banko Overhead Doors. We pride ourselves on delivering the best in garage-door-related products and services to Florida residents. We know how important a garage door opener is to the daily operation of your home, and we’ll provide a series of attractive options when you need to buy a garage door opener with a remote.

Garage Door Opener and Remote Accessories

Selection matters when you’re searching for a quality garage door remote that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle. At Banko Overhead Doors, we offer many garage opener remote options, including several LiftMaster garage door opener remote models. In our selection, you’ll find:

  • Internet gateways: Internet gateways will allow you to open and close your garage door while also controlling your home lighting through a smartphone, tablet or other device. You will only need an internet gateway for opener models without wifi.
  • Mini universal remote controls: Mini universal remote controls are ideal for active lifestyles. If you want a remote control garage door opener with a small footprint and key chain that offers exceptional durability, this option is a great one for you.
  • Keyless Entry with the MyQ App: The MyQ App allows you to stay connected to your home or business through your smartphone. It connects to your wifi-enabled garage door opener and lets you monitor and close or open your garage door from wherever you are.

These are just a few of the many options you can enjoy at Banko Overhead Doors when you need to buy a garage door opener remote control. Browse through our selection and find the perfect option for you, your home and your lifestyle.

Our Garage Door Remote Controls Include:


Buy a High-Quality Garage Door Remote Control Today

Be sure you’re getting the best of the best by making your selection with Banko Overhead Doors. Since 1984, we’ve served Florida’s homeowners with the best in garage door products and services, including our selection of high-quality garage door opener options.

Get started by browsing our selection of garage door remote controls, and contact us if you have any questions during the process.

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