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Look What You Can Do With MyQ Smartphone Control

With the advanced MyQ features available with many of the newest garage door opener models, you can stay connected and secure to your home or business no matter where you are with just your smartphone or internet-capable device. By using the sophisticated MyQ app, you can:

Monitor the status of your door.

Receive garage door activity alerts.

Open or close your garage door from anywhere via your smartphone.

Open or close your gate from anywhere via your smartphone.

By actively using your MyQ app, you’ll also be able to set up real-time alert notifications to let you know when your garage door is opened or closed, create detailed daily garage door opening or closing schedules, program the lights to turn on or off and have remote viewing of your home’s daily activity from anywhere. With the advanced MyQ features, you’re assured lasting convenience, safety and peace of mind.

Along with advanced garage door monitoring capabilities, you can also pair your MyQ system to your home or business’s security programs and devices for better functionality and comprehensive control.

MyQ Capabilities Specially Designed for Business Owners

As a business owner, ensuring your property is safe and secure at all times is an essential part of your daily operations. By incorporating MyQ into your routine, you can experience superior monitoring and security. Keeping your business efficient, safe and secure is easy with MyQ, which lets you:

  • Have complete control over your business by remotely monitoring the status of your garage door or gate directly from the MyQ app on your phone or internet-capable device
  • Monitor if gates or other openings were left open and program your app to send you real-time notifications when your garage doors or gates are opened or closed
  • Open or close your openings to safely and easily allow vendors or employees into your business

MyQ Compatibility

Photo Eyes

To determine if your garage door is compatible, first check to see if your garage door has photo eyes.

Program Button Color

Next remove the light cover of your opener, and look for the program and color buttons.

Compatible Brands


All garage door openers with the following program button colors on the motor portion of the operator: yellow, purple, orange, green and red.


All garage door openers with the following program button colors on the motor portion of the operator: yellow, purple, orange, green and red.


All garage door openers with the following program button colors on the motor portion of the operator: yellow, purple, orange, green and red.


All garage door openers manufactured after 1996 (Intellicode 1 and Intellicode 2).


All Linear garage door openers are compatible.

Overhead Door

All garage door openers manufactured after 1996 (Intellicode 1 and Intellicode 2).


All garage door openers with the following program button colors on the motor portion of the operator: yellow, purple, orange, green and red.


All garage door openers with a program (remote transmitter learn) button on the motor portion of the operator

Wayne Dalton

Most models including Classic Drive, DoorMaster, iDrive, ProDrive and Quantum. Others that are also compatible if manufactured after 1993:

  • Access Master
  • Do-It
  • AssureLink
  • Garage Access
  • BuildMark
  • Master Mechanic
  • True Value

Pair Your Garage Door Opener With Any of These MyQ Compatible Devices

MyQ has paired with a wide variety of reliable and top-rated brands, so users can easily customize MyQ to seamlessly interact with other smart devices, home security and automated programs. By integrating your MyQ capabilities with your favorite smart tools, you can easily monitor all your home systems from one convenient location. Explore the selection of MyQ capable products and devices you can easily integrate and connect with, including:

  • Honeywell Total Connect: By adding MyQ access to your Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 app, you can quickly and conveniently have total control and automation of all of your smart devices in one location and set up alerts. With Honeywell Total Connect 2.0, you can monitor and close your garage door opener, turn on your home’s lights, check your home’s security system and control locks.
  • Google Assistant: With Google Assistant, you can have a personal extension of yourself to control aspects of your everyday life like setting alarms and appointments, checking on your smart home and playing select music. By linking your Google Assistant or Google Home to your MyQ app, you can also easily control and monitor your garage door, turn on lights and receive real-time alerts.
  • Nest: Both your thermostat and garage door are two of the most used items in your home. Now, you can conveniently control both items from one place. By connecting your Nest thermostat and Nest camera to your MyQ app, you can monitor your garage door and interior environment from anywhere in the world. With Nest access and MyQ, you can easily have your garage door open, lights on and temperature set to an ideal level for optimal comfort when you get home at the end of the day.
  • Alpine Connect: What better place to control your garage door from anywhere than from the inside of your vehicle? By incorporating MyQ into your Alpine Connect system, you can control the functionality of your garage door and receive active motion alerts, but also set up geofencing near your home to trigger the door to open when you approach.
  • Tesla EVEConnect: With the most advanced car models available today, you can have the most integrated, convenient controls from behind the wheel of your car. MyQ can be added to your Tesla Model X or Model S in-dash screen system for optimal garage door control. You can connect your garage door and lights as well as create a geofenced area that prompts your garage door to open whenever you’re near home. To use EVEConnect and MyQ, users will have to subscribe to monthly or yearly plans.

Along with the advanced products that are MyQ compatible, you can also pair your MyQ with several other devices, including Wink, Clare Controls,, IFTTT, Apple HomeKit and Siri Voice Control and XFINITY Home. By pairing your MyQ with any of these compatible products, you can conveniently monitor all your garage door activity, receive timely activity notifications and control several features specific to your particular smart home program, like locks, lighting, home security and more.


For MyQ Garage to be installed and the door controlled by the MyQ app, the following restrictions must be met.

  • The garage door must be a sectional garage door.
  • If MyQ Garage is installed on a one-piece door, then MyQ Garage can only be used in the “Monitor Only” mode (not programming the Wi-Fi Hub to the door opener).
  • The garage door opener system must have IR photo eyes properly installed.

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