How to Set Up Guests for myQ® Accounts

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With a myQ®-compatible garage door opener, you can have two co-owners and five guests with the Users feature. You should trust these individuals to access your garage, though you do not need to share your password with them. Since a co-owner has more access to your garage, you should reserve this spot for a trusted family member or friend.

However, if you want to allow certain individuals — such as a plumber, dog walker or housesitter — restricted access to your garage, you can set them up with a myQ guest account.

How to Add Guests to myQ

To allow a guest to open and close your garage door, lock and unlock your door, and turn lights on and off at specific times, you will want to make them a myQ guest. When you’re ready to send an invite, follow these steps:

  • Enter the myQ app.
  • Press the “Users” button on the main menu page.
  • Click the + symbol on the Users menu.
  • Put in the user’s name, then click the + next to it to choose someone from your contacts.
  • Enter that individual’s email address twice and click the arrow to confirm.
  • Choose your relationship with that person, such as Family, Friend or Other.
  • Determine if you want to give them full or partial access. Reserve guests for partial access.
  • Choose an “access period” to decide when and how long your guests have access.
  • Decide which devices you want them to access, then click the arrow.
  • Send the invite.

With the myQ Guests feature, you can decide if you want your guests to have constant, temporary or recurring access. If you select temporary or recurring, you should set your preferred times for access. Once you send the invite, the guest should receive an email about it.

Accepting the myQ Guest Setup Invitation

After the users receive the invite via email, they’ll have to accept the invitation to become a guest. To accept the invitation, your guest can:

  • Open the myQ app and log in.
  • Click on the menu.
  • Tap the account name at the bottom of the menu page.
  • Select “Account Invitations.”
  • Click on the pending invitation.
  • Press accept.

If they have their own myQ account, the individual will need to switch to the guest account to access your myQ devices.

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Learn More About myQ

Do you want to learn more about myQ smartphone controls? The myQ app provides numerous benefits to garage users and their guests, from consistent monitoring to ease of access. See if your garage door opener is compatible with myQ today.

Learn More About myQ Guest Access and Garage Door Openers

Whether you already have a garage door opener or are looking for a replacement, our team at Banko Overhead Doors is ready to help. Contact us online for more information about myQ compatible garage door openers for residential properties!

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