How to Install LiftMaster® myQ® Garage Door Opener

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LiftMaster is a leading brand in garage door openers. Here at Banko Overhead Doors, we’re proud to carry this dependable line of garage door openers that combine many great convenience and safety features. Get more out of your LiftMaster with the myQ® Garage system — a wireless control that makes opening and closing your garage door easy from a distance.

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Installing the myQ® Garage Door Opener involves three steps: activating the Wi-Fi hub, installing the door sensor and installing the hub. Start by programming the ceiling-mounted Wi-Fi hub by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Verify you have a Wi-Fi router, broadband access and a compatible opener
  • Step 2: Plug in your Wi-Fi hub (the blue LED will blink)
  • Step 3: Press and release Button 1 on the hub (the yellow LED will turn on)
  • Step 4: Press and release the test button on the door sensor (hub will beep and light will blink)
  • Step 5: Yellow light on hub will turn off
  • Step 6: With blue LED blinking, press and release the Settings button (blue LED will stay on)
  • Step 7: Press and hold Settings button until green and yellow LEDs alternate blinking
  • Step 8: Press and release Settings button again (yellow LED will turn on)
  • Step 9: Consult chart to determine how many presses are required for your model of opener
  • Step 10: Press Button 1 the corresponding number of times
  • Step 11: Press and release Settings button (green and yellow LEDs will alternate blinking)
  • Step 12: Press and release Learn button on the opener
  • Step 13: Press and release Button 1 on the Wi-Fi hub until the opener responds
  • Step 14: Press and release Button 1 to activate the opener
  • Step 15: Exit programming by pressing and holding the Settings button (blue LED will blink)

Next, install your door sensor:

  • Step 1: Locate the word ‘Top’ on your door sensor
  • Step 2: Mount the sensor using the screws or mounting strips provided
  • Step 3: Clean the surface before installation with a wet cloth
  • Step 4: Either apply fastening strips or use screws to firmly install your sensor to the top panel of your garage door (screwing may include pre-drilling in wood doors)

Finally, install your Wi-Fi hub:

  • Ensure a power outlet is close to where you plan to install your hub
  • Ensure that the Wi-Fi lights will be visible with the garage door open
  • Use drywall anchors to safely secure your hub so that it doesn’t fall
  • Plug in your hub and verify that the blue LED is blinking
  • Secure the power cord by carefully wrapping it around the hub so it doesn’t dangle

As you can see, anyone can install myQ® and link it to their LiftMaster garage door opener. Save time and energy and ensure a safe and reliable connection for your remote controls and keyless entry pads with a reliable Wi-Fi signal.

However, if you’re more comfortable having a professional install your myQ® system or are planning on having a new garage door and opener installed at the same time, our team here at Banko Overhead Doors is ready to help.

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With over three decades of experience as a Florida leader in garage doors and openers, Banko Overhead Doors is your top choice. We carry the respected Clopay® line of garage doors and LiftMaster garage door openers. You can contact us to schedule an estimate for installing your myQ® Garage system and let our professionals get your garage door opener functioning quickly and without hassle.

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