New Plank Finishes for Modern™ Steel Garage Doors

By:   Niki D'Angelo | Published:

A stylish garage door is one of the best ways to add flair and sophistication to your home. These entry points serve a practical purpose, giving you easy accessibility to your home. Yet, the right garage door can also complement your home’s aesthetic.

For over 50 years, Clopay® has manufactured durable garage doors that homeowners rely on for dependability. The Clopay Modern Steel™ collection gives homeowners creative license to make their garage door complement their home’s unique design. Now, we are proud to introduce more options than ever before with Clopay’s Modern Steel new plank finishes called Ultra-Grain®.

Introducing Modern Steel Ultra-Grain® Plank Finishes

Modern Steel’s Ultra-Grain Finish provides the timeless beauty of stained wood without the upkeep. This realistic finish is a low-maintenance option for homeowners who love the classic appeal of real wood but prefer the strength and durability of steel. From rustic farmhouses to mid-century modern bungalows, you’ll love how this remarkable finish option complements your home’s natural style.

Ultra-Grain is a stained wood-look steel door with all the advantages of this modern garage door material:

  • UV resistance
  • Imperviousness to rain and moisture
  • No fading, rotting, splitting, shrinking or cracking
  • Energy efficiency

If something happens to your door, you can easily replace door components without worrying that it will impact the beauty of your garage door’s finish.

Ultra-Grain is available in two gorgeous options:

  • Ultra-Grain Finish: With a lovely embossed woodgrain texture, this finish option comes in a variety of wood tones, from a reddish-brown cherry color to a sleek slate shade.
  • Ultra-Grain Plank: This unique option resembles horizontal wood planks that vary in length with no grain pattern repetition for optimal visual appeal. The steel surface has a distinct stucco texture.

Other Finishes for Your Modern Steel Door From Clopay

Clopay’s Modern Steel line offers unparalleled possibilities. If you prefer a single color for a more contemporary feel, the exterior steel surface can be painted in an array of standard colors, including Glacier White, Sandtone, Mocha Brown and Charcoal. A team member at Banko Overhead Doors can help guide you in the selection process to find the optimal color for your garage door.

Get Your Clopay Modern Steel Garage Door at Banko Overhead Doors

Get Your Clopay Modern Steel Garage Door at Banko Overhead Doors

Ready to bring undeniable curb appeal to your home with a sleek and stylish garage door from Clopay? We invite you to explore our Modern Steel collection, including the natural appeal of our new Ultra-Grain Finish.

We offer a variety of garage doors suited to every kind of homeowner and would love to work with you to find the perfect option for your home. Reach out today to receive your free installation estimate.

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