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Banko Overhead Doors, Inc., in accordance with applicable state and federal laws, does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, religion, national origin, marital status, or physical or mental disabilities.

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    Employment Verification

    Banko Overhead Doors will require verification of employment eligibility as required by law, including completion of an I-9 form.


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    Background Review Activities

    Banko Overhead Doors, Inc. may conduct the following investigative activities as part of the background review of prospective employees. Your signature on this Release Form indicates you understand these activities and you authorize them to be performed with the conditions specified as listed below.

    1. Persons convicted of specific crimes may not hold certain positions at this company. If you are applying for such a position and have been convicted of a felony, please note this below. If more space is needed, please provide the additional information on a separate sheet of paper. In addition, you authorize Banko Overhead Doors, Inc. to undertake a criminal records check with state police officials.

    2. You authorize Banko Overhead Doors, Inc. to obtain a Motor Vehicle Record report. Our insurance company may also obtain a report through its sources. If the position you are applying for involves driving a motor vehicle, it is imperative that a good driving record exists.

    3. You also authorize and request any and all of your former employers to furnish any and all information regarding your job performance. You agree to hold your former employers and their agents harmless from all liability that could relate in any way to the disclosure of private information or an assessment or opinion of your suitability for employment.

    4. You understand that an offer of employment must originate from General Manager of Banko Overhead Doors, Inc.

    In closing, we ask that you read [and complete where needed] the remaining three [3] statements and that your signature on this Release Form indicates you understand each.

    1. I have read and understand the job description for this position.

    2. I understand the misrepresentation or omission of facts herein is cause for termination, if employed.

    3. I have read and understand the employment application and have answered all portions of the employment application truthfully and correctly with no omissions.

    Your privacy is important to us. Your information is protected.

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