Garage Doors Before & After

A garage door is a powerful and significant part of your home’s curb appeal and street-facing appearance. That’s why it’s a shame that so many homeowners overlook their garage doors and how they can transform a home’s appearance.

To help you better understand the power a garage door holds, here’s a look at before and after garage makeover photos. These garage door images demonstrate how you can use a garage door to breathe new life into your home and its exterior appearance:

  • Color: A garage door’s color should complement the rest of a home. And it’s not just a paint color that matters. In some cases, a nice wood stain can provide the transformative effect so many homeowners want — but that they struggle to achieve.
  • Complement: It’s not just the color that should be complementary to the rest of your home. So should the look and feel of your garage door. Do you have a classic-looking home and a modern garage door? Or do you have a modern home with a run-of-the-mill garage door? Every home is unique and you have a unique opportunity to use a garage door as a beautiful companion to your home’s look.

  • Style, Features and Design: Garage doors include so many options today, including options related to style, features and design. For example, choosing a carriage house door for the right home can enhance curb appeal and reinforce a stately style. Also, adding windows or custom hardware to your door can also ramp up its appeal.

  • Material: Have you considered a different material for your garage door? For example, on the right style of home, switching out a fiberglass garage door for a wood model can provide a tremendous boost to curb appeal.

  • Modernization: Aluminum and glass garage door models often provide a modern look for contemporary homes that you simply can’t achieve with basic garage door options.

  • Vintage Transformation: Similarly, if you own an older home, achieve a vintage transformation by installing a carriage house door or a similar model that hearkens back to centuries past.

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