On the Technology Front: Intellicore Insulation

Clopay®’s new Intellicore Insulation technology represents the ultimate triple threat when it comes to the three key measures in performance of a garage door’s insulation:

  • How well does it provide temperature control?
  • How well does it reduce noise levels?
  • How well does it add strength?

Intellicore technology features a proprietary polyurethane foam that is injected into a garage door to completely fill its interior cavity. The density of the Intellicore creates a door that is far more durable and strong, but also one that delivers year-around improved energy efficiency.

It’s Cooler!

An Intellicore-equipped Clopay door achieves some up the industry’s highest R-values, up to 20.4 That means it keeps out a hot climate’s warm air while also keeping the garage and home warmer in colder climates. It works to keep you more comfortable all year around.

It’s Quieter!

Customers notice a discernable difference in noise levels between a non-insulated garage door and an Intellicore door. Common everyday occurrences, such as a ball hitting the garage door will be uncommonly quiet.

It’s Stronger!

Tests demonstrate that a Clopay garage door section featuring Intellicore insulation has nearly twice the strength as a polystyrene door section of the same thickness. The greater rigidity leads to increased resistance to everyday wear and tear. The long-term benefit is a door that looks better, lasts longer.

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