Parts of a Garage Door

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Garage doors are one of the most intricate parts of your home. It’s important to know the main parts of a garage door system so you can identify performance issues and possible repair needs. This way, you know when to call a garage door installation and maintenance professional. Learn about the different parts of a garage door below.


Components of a Garage Door System

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The main parts of your garage door include:

  • Sections: These are the large panels of your garage door — often available in flush, long or short panel designs — that are divided into several sections. These sections are joined by hinges that allow the door to bend and fold as it is lifted.
  • Track: The track, comprised of vertical, horizontal and curved pieces, provides a path for the door to steadily move up and down.
  • Springs: Most residential garage door systems use either torsion or extension springs to counterbalance the weight of the door. The torsion spring is a large, tightly wound component installed at the top of the door, while the extension springs are smaller springs mounted to either side along the horizontal tracks. Extension springs are often used in garages with limited overhead space.
  • Struts: Garage door struts reinforce and strengthen the door, and are especially important in Florida to combat high winds and hurricanes. Struts also help your garage door function properly when opening and closing. In states like Florida, there are standards that govern reinforcement struts, including how many to install. Do not attempt to install struts yourself — always consult a garage door expert.
  • Cables: There are three types of garage door cables: extension spring, torsion spring and safety cables. Extension and torsion spring cables reduce the tension on your garage door springs. Safety cable acts as a precaution if the spring breaks.
  • Back hang (rear track hanger): The back hangs are the vertical supports for the horizontal track. Usually made from angle iron, these hangers attach the end of the horizontal tracks to the roof in order to prevent lateral movement.
  • Lock: The security of your garage is essential. Choose from a variety of garage door locks, including a deadbolt lock, T-handle lock, digital keyless lock and garage door defender.

When Do I Need a New Garage Door Installation?

Garage doors perform reliably and smoothly for many years when maintained annually and lubricated correctly. The average usage, number of spring rotations and care of the door will determine the longevity of a garage door system.

Some parts, like the springs, cables and openers, may have a shorter lifespan than the door. Torsion springs typically last for 10,000 garage door cycles and garage door openers last about 10 years. Keep your garage door parts maintained and lubricated to ensure the quality of your garage door system.

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