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Your garage door may not look its best, but how do you know when to repair vs. replace a garage door? How long do garage doors last — and when is it cost effective to buy an entirely new door? Here are some tips for figuring out when you should repair your garage door and when it’s time to invest in garage door replacement.

The Value of Replacing a Garage Door

While replacing your garage door may seem like a considerable investment, it’s important to realize that you can get an incredible amount of value from a new garage door. In fact, according to REMODELING’s 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, replacing a garage door is the top-rated upscale project for renovating your home and one of the top five midscale projects.

If you are in the market to sell your home, or looking to maintain your home’s value, garage door replacement is the place to start. “A new garage door is not only affordable,” says Nick Banko, President of Banko Overhead Doors. “But will deliver one of the highest return-on-investments that a homeowner can do to recoup their cost.”

Every year, Remodeling Magazine, Cost vs. Value ranks a new garage door as one of the top 5 home improvement projects for return-on-investment. Replacing that old garage door is very cost-effective when compared to the value of other home improvement projects and most garage door installs can be completed in less than a day.

The garage door has such a dominant presence to your home and for most families it’s the primary entry point into the home. With the popularity of automatic and WIFI garage door openers, convenience, safety and style is becoming a top priority for homeowners. Upgrading to a garage door with a style or color that matches your homes architecture and design can dramatically improve the curb appeal and value of your home.

This is due to the significantly enhanced curb appeal a new, high-quality garage door can provide, which can drive up property value. People often don’t realize what a large percentage of your home’s exterior is taken up by your garage door and how much a new garage door can beautify and enhance your home’s entire look.

According to the report, a midrange garage door replacement costs around $1,749 on average but increases your home’s resale value by $1,345, which means the door pays for 76 percent of itself in added home value. Compare that to putting an addition on your bathroom, which can cost over $43,000 but is only likely to increase your home’s value by around $23,000, allowing you to recoup only a little more than half of your investment.

For upscale jobs, the advantage is even more significant. With a replacement garage door costing around $3,304 on average and increasing your home’s value by $2,810, you can recoup a full 85 percent of your investment.

Deciding Between Repair vs. Replacement

If you’re still not entirely sure which way to go, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Cost: If your garage door problem requires something simple, like a part or panel replacement that’s only going to run you a few hundred dollars at most, you’ll probably want to go the repair route. If you’re looking at a four-figure repair bill or close to it, you’ll almost certainly get more value out of a new garage door.
  • Age: How old is your garage door? Garage door parts have a limited life, and after about eight to ten years of regular use, you can expect parts to start failing or breaking down if they haven’t already. If your current garage door is less than five years old, you should be more inclined to repair it. If it’s approaching that eight to ten-year mark or beyond, it may be time to get a new door.
  • Style: A lot of advances have been made in the quality and appearance of garage doors in recent years. If you’ve upgraded the rest of your home’s exterior but not your garage door, or your garage door has never had quite the style of the rest of your home, this is a great opportunity to find the perfect door.

Contact Banko Overhead Doors

If you haven’t shopped for a new garage door lately the wide variety of styles and colors may surprise you. Be sure you choose a garage door company that understands and follows the building codes in your area. In Florida, you have to be aware of WindCode ratings on garage doors for hurricane protection. The garage door is the largest opening in your home and it’s extremely important these codes are followed, not only for the protection of your home, but the safety of your family. Companies that skip or ignore permits and inspections aren’t saving you money; they are cutting corners that might come back on you and your home.

When you choose to install a new garage door, you’re going to transform the way your home looks. At Banko Overhead Doors, we specialize in providing the highest quality garage door products and service to homeowners in all West Central Florida.

For help deciding whether to repair or replace your garage door or for a free estimate, contact Banko Overhead Doors today.

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