What Should Not Be Stored In a Garage?

By:   Kim Wiest

What Should Not Be Stored In a Garage?

Everyone uses their garage to store extra belongings, keeping them out of sight and out of mind. However, there are many objects you shouldn’t store in your garage, as they can create many safety hazards.

This guide will discuss what to avoid storing in your garage.

1. Propane

Propane is unstable and highly flammable, meaning drastic temperature changes in your garage can damage the tank or even cause an explosion. Propane tanks are also susceptible to leaks, especially if the valve isn’t fully tightened, putting you at risk of asphyxiation while creating further chances of combustion.

2. Electronics

Most garages are not temperature-controlled like houses, meaning they experience conditions that are not ideal for electronics. For example, high humidity levels can cause moisture to seep into your electronics, creating serious internal damage. Extreme temperature fluctuations may cause electronics to perform less efficiently.

3. Paper Products

Be sure to keep paper products like newspapers, books, magazines and photos out of your garage. These materials require storage in well-insulated areas free of contaminants like moisture, dirt, vermin and temperature extremes. The only way to safely store your paper products in the garage is in a sealed container to keep out pests, moisture and pollutants.

4. Food

Food — fresh or canned — is another thing you shouldn’t store in the garage. Your garage’s hot, damp conditions can cause cans to rust and food to spoil much faster, making it unsafe to eat. Food can also attract rodents and insects.

5. Paint Cans

In even more serious situations, the heat may cause your paint cans to pop open and become unusable.

Your garage may seem like a useful place to store your paint cans, but these products won’t last long when exposed to hot temperatures that cause them to curdle or spoil.

Paint fumes can also be highly toxic, especially when in an enclosed space. In even more serious situations, the heat may cause your paint cans to pop open and become unusable. Storing paint cans on cement floors will cause rust to develop faster than it would on a shelf.

6. Clothing and Bedding

While there’s nothing dangerous about storing clothes or bedding in your garage, they can be easily ruined by animals and insects like raccoons, mice, moths and beetles. Humid temperatures can also create mold, mildew and odors on your fabrics and linens, even if they’re in a box.

7. Wine

There’s nothing worse than storing a nice bottle of wine for a special occasion and discovering that it’s no longer drinkable. Putting your wine in the garage can alter its composition and color due to light and heat fluctuations, causing the taste and quality to decrease.

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