5 tips for creating the ultimate man cave for Super Bowl Sunday

The Man cave, they come in all sizes, and no matter how big or small, they are part of a man’s heart. The team at Banko Overhead doors wants to help you create the best spot to enjoy Super Bowl LI. Learn how to create your perfect space to sit back, relax, and enjoy the game with these 5 tips.

1) A lot of space
To have the best man cave, you need space for everyone to enjoy themselves and have all the necessary requirements to achieve the ultimate man cave status. Explore your possibilities whether you’re in a “secret” room whose doors are hidden behind bookcases, a spare room in your house, or better yet, your garage, be sure to explore all your possibilities.

2) A comfy couch
A big comfy couch is essential for a man cave. A couple of recliners are necessary to truly kick back and relax. Second, the couches must be resistant to spills, for this reason we recommend leather, because spills are going to happen.

3) A big flat screen TV
The bigger the better, we want you to feel like you are at the game! Don’t want a massive TV? Get yourself an extremely high quality projector screen, the quality is fantastic.

4) Pick a theme If you root for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (or maybe the Florida Gators), your man cave is the place to show your pride. Maybe you’re into fishing, NASCAR, or hunting. Here’s one room in the house where your trophies and souvenirs are welcome. Pick one theme and stick with colors that complement it.

5) Lots of Food Keeping refreshments in the cave means you don’t have to walk so far to freshen your drink or replace your empty bag of chips while the game’s on. There’s no need to devote space to an enclosed bar with room for a bartender; instead, go with shelves for storing bottles and glasses plus a small refrigerator.

For more inspiration on decorating your man cave for Super Bowl Sunday, check out our Pinterest board here.