How To Tackle Spring Cleaning in Your Garage

By:   Niki D'Angelo | Published:

Did you know that 57% of people with garages don’t have room to park cars inside them? I think you know why, instead of getting rid of stuff, we throw it out in the garage!

If you’re ready to take on the challenge of cleaning your garage, spring is a good time to do it.  With a few simple organization ideas, tidying up your garage and keeping it neat and clean is not only possible, it’s very doable. Here’s the plan…

Get rid of the “stuff”

It’s OK to store things in your garage, just make sure you have a place to actually store items. You don’t want your garage to become a burial ground of things that have no other home. Let’s face it—if you haven’t used an item in the last year or so, you’re probably not going to. Keeping it in the garage won’t make an item become more useful. It can, however, make the item become invisible clutter that takes up space and prevents your garage from being a usable area of your home. Make a conscious decision about each item—either put it away, throw it away, or give it away.

Make a plan for storage

You know how you keep like items together in your pantry? Spices with spices, baking items with baking items? Think this way about your garage as well. Put less often used items in an out of the way space—for example, holiday items can be stored in the rafters. You may need to purchase some items to make storage easier. If you let things sit on the floor, they will have a tendency to work their way across the floor—and you’ll eventually have nowhere to park your car! Buy stack-able storage bins or cabinets that you can use to organize smaller items. This makes it much easier to organize garage clutter. You’ll be able to not only keep things out of your way, but also make items easier to find when you need them.


Garages have a way of getting very dirty while we are busy living our lives. As you get everything stored and organized, it will be much easier to clean your garage. Get out the broom and give the floor a good sweep while the vehicles are still out of the garage. If you have spills of random liquids, etc., now is the time to get them cleaned up. For many of us, we walk directly from our garage into our homes. Cleaning up oil and other dirt not only makes our garage look more inviting, but it also keeps the mess out of our homes, giving us less to clean there as well.

Once your garage has been cleaned and organized, try to keep it that way. Spend a little time one weekend each month corralling the accumulating clutter and cleaning up any messes. A few minutes here and there will prevent you from having to do the entire garage overhaul again later on.

Enjoy your clean garage! And if you are looking to give the outside of your clean garage an update by replacing your garage doors, call the experts at Banko Overhead Doors.

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