AC vs. DC Garage Door Opener Motors

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AC vs. DC Garage Door Opener Motors

Like any electronic device, garage door openers come in two power styles — alternating current, known as AC, or direct current, called DC. While both AC and DC devices transform electricity into motion, they achieve the function in different ways. Continue reading to learn the differences between these garage door openers and decide which is right for you.

What Is an AC Garage Door Opener?

The first garage door openers were AC devices. These garage door openers feature an AC motor that relies on coils that wrap around an output shaft. The coils generate a magnetic field while transformers control the current’s power and direction. The transformers allow the machine to open and close.

Benefits of AC garage door openers include:

  • High durability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Chain drive operation
  • Moderate prices
  • High power output

What Is a DC Garage Door Opener?

DC garage door openers are a newer invention that changed the way the machine gets its power. While an AC garage door opener generates a magnetic field, a DC garage door opener pulls power from another source with pre-generated energy, such as a battery. The battery provides electricity at a constant voltage. Since DC garage doors gather electricity from an outside source, they don’t need mechanisms that generate power internally. As a result, DC garage door openers are smaller with more condensed components.

DC garage door openers feature electronic circuit boards that regulate power. The circuit board, therefore, controls speed and offers the ability to establish numerous settings for speed, torque and control. DC garage doors often have soft open and close features for quieter operation.

Benefits of DC garage doors include:

  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Belt drive operation
  • Compatibility with backup batteries
  • Remote operation

Should I Buy an AC or DC Garage Door Opener?

AC and DC garage door openers each offer a range of benefits that make them popular choices in Florida homes. Base your decision between the two on your preferences, needs and budget.

For instance, you should choose a DC garage door opener if you want to use it alongside modern features like smartphone applications that control the door. The size and design innovations that DC garage door openers feature make them compatible with new technology. Additionally, DC motors will operate in any weather. Since DC motors run off of batteries, your opener will still work even if a storm cuts power to your home.

An AC motor is a great choice if power and simplicity are your priorities. While DC motors are plenty powerful, AC motors generate enough electricity for the most demanding applications. Using an AC opener is as easy as plugging it into a nearby wall outlet. They cost less upfront, too, although a DC motor may reduce your energy spending over time.

Garage Door Openers From Banko Overhead Doors, Inc.

At Banko Overhead Doors, we sell a wide range of AC and DC LiftMaster garage door openers for homes in Western Central Florida. Our experts are available to help you decide if an AC or DC door is best for your home, so contact us for more information. For a free garage door opener quote, schedule an estimate today!

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