How to Change the PIN for the Model 877LM Keyless Entry

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How to Change the PIN for the Model 877LM Keyless Entry

A wireless keyless entry system makes it easier to get into your garage. As a leading innovator of garage door opener products, LiftMaster® can provide high-quality, easy-to-use keyless entry systems to make your life easier and add security to your home.

As an authorized LiftMaster® dealer, Banko Overhead Doors is your one-stop headquarters in the Tampa area and beyond for the latest LiftMaster® opener products, including the 877LM keyless entry system. Installing the wireless device provides convenient access to your garage, and you’ll never need a remote control or key. You’ll only need to create a personal four-digit personal identification number (PIN). This system also synchronizes with your existing opener’s frequency.

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When to Consider Changing the PIN for Your LiftMaster® 877LM Keyless Entry System

From time to time, you may wish to change the PIN code of your LiftMaster® overhead door opener. The simple programming of the LiftMaster through the keyless entry keypad makes it easy to change the code. You may want to change your code due to several different situations, including:

  • If you move to a new home
  • If someone has moved out
  • If you have suffered a break-in
  • If you have difficulty remembering your code

What Are the Benefits of Updating an 877LM Wireless Keyless Entry PIN?

  • Reduces security risk: Think about what could happen if your PIN falls into the wrong hands. A thief or intruder could gain easy access to your garage — and your home. Changing the four-digit password helps to eliminate this threat.
  • Prevents more people from knowing the code: You may have given out the code to only one individual, like a repair person, neighbor or babysitter. But even if you trust these individuals, they could unintentionally give the PIN to someone else. Regularly updating your PIN protects you if the code falls into the wrong hands.
  • Helps maintain a security-conscious mindset: It’s possible to develop careless home security habits. Maintaining a regular schedule of changing passwords is an easy way to keep safety at the forefront and reduce the risk.
  • Gives you peace of mind: An updated password makes your garage and home safer and less vulnerable. You’ll sleep better knowing you’ve taken a simple but critical step toward protecting your family and property.

How Often Should You Change the PIN for a LiftMaster® 877LM Keyless Entry System?

You’ll want to update your PIN after letting someone other than a household member use it or if you believe an unauthorized person may have gained access to it. Otherwise, you should change the code approximately once every six months as a security precaution.

The Process for Changing an 877 Keyless Entry PIN

It doesn’t matter why you want to change your PIN — we can help you do it. Simply follow these steps to reset the code of your LiftMaster keyless entry system and create a new PIN that’s easy for you to remember:

  • Step 1: Enter the old four-digit on the keypad
  • Step 2: Hold the pound sign (the light on your garage door opener will flash twice)
  • Step 3: Enter a new four-digit code
  • Step 4: Press and hold the enter button (the light will flash again)

Your new code is set! Be sure to try it out right away to ensure it’s working as expected.

Resetting your garage door opener PIN can give you added peace of mind from knowing your PIN is secret and can also make it easier for you to remember. Choose a code that you and your family can easily recall but that no one else will guess. Avoid obvious numbers like your street address or part of your postal code, for example.

You can also consult the owner’s manual of your LiftMaster overhead door opener if you want more information on setting your PIN or other programming features of your keyless entry pad.

Setting Up a Temporary 877LM Wireless Keyless Entry PIN

Complete the process by pressing and holding the * symbol until the overhead motor's lights blink one time.

This LiftMaster® product also enables you to set up a temporary code, which can be beneficial if you need to let a repair person in for a few hours or are having someone watch your home for a few days while you’re on vacation. The code won’t let anyone open the garage door after it expires, although it will allow the door to close.

You have two options when creating a temporary code — by the number of hours or the number of uses. In both situations, you’ll need to enter your permanent PIN and press and hold the * symbol. When prompted, enter the desired hours or uses you wish to authorize (maximum of 255 for either). Complete the process by pressing and holding the * symbol until the overhead motor’s lights blink one time.

If You Can’t Change Your PIN, Contact Banko Overhead Doors

Always be sure you’re using the correct old four-digit code to enter the PIN change mode on your opener. If for some reason you’re unable to change the PIN on your wireless garage door opener, there may be a problem with your LiftMaster 877LM. Our service team is available to inspect your garage door and opener and determine what is wrong.

Start by giving us a call. We may be able to walk you through the steps and troubleshoot over the phone. If not, you can schedule a service appointment so we can inspect your opener and determine if there’s a problem with the opener itself, your door hardware, the wireless keypad or the keypad programming.

Banko Overhead Doors is a Florida leader in Clopay® garage door openers and LiftMaster, so you can trust your garage door and keyless entry service to our team of professionals.

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