Common Garage Door Myths

By:   Niki D'Angelo | Published:

Many people believe their garage door is just a main point of entry that requires little attention or maintenance. You use your garage door every day and it is the largest moving object in your home. Yet, unless a collision happens or something noticeable breaks, it tends to look and sound the same, leaving it under maintained. Common garage door myths prevent homeowners from scheduling services that keep their overhead doors in safe, working condition.

Here are four of the most prevalent garage door maintenance myths.

1. Maintenance Is Optional

Often, homeowners believe they only need to book maintenance when something happens to their garage door. Still, overhead doors have many complex moving parts, are cumbersome and can be dangerous under certain conditions. Garage doors open and close hundreds of times per year, and minor adjustments can prevent more costly malfunctions.

Take a few minutes every month to visually inspect your garage door. Keeping the door and track clean is also essential for having a durable garage door and reducing injury risk.

2. You Can Perform Repairs Without a Professional

The temptation to turn overhead door repairs into a do-it-yourself (DIY) project is dangerous. Even if you’ve completed adjustments in the past or researched the process, attempting a minor repair can further damage your door. What’s more, you risk serious personal injury when performing maintenance. If you have a broken spring, stop and call a professional.  The amount of tension the springs are under can cause catastrophic injuries if worked on incorrectly.

If you notice something that may need repairs or your garage door stops functioning normally, please contact a professional.

3. All Garage Doors Make Noise

Learning that this statement is a myth surprises many people. A new or professionally repaired garage door should make very little noise during its cycle. If you hear grinding, bumping or other loud noises, there may be a problem. The cause could be straightforward, like a lack of lubrication or a loose bolt. Still, damaged springs and other serious issues may create extra sound. Another myth about noise is that it is the garage door, when at times it is the garage door opener. Ensuring you have the correct motor for the door you have can be key to a quiet operation. Hiring a professional will ensure that your garage door works safely.

4. Garage Doors Are Boring

Everyone can picture a dull, worn down and off-white garage door. Still, homeowners have countless options when choosing a new garage door, whether for safety or aesthetic features. Regardless of your preferences, you can find a beautiful garage door to complement your home.

Consider various colorful finishes, elegant windows, unique panels from modern to carriage house to mediterranean, if you haven’t shopped for a garage door lately, you’ll be amazed at the selection. You can view our stylish garage door options here.

Contact Banko Overhead Doors

With over 35 years of experience, Banko Overhead Doors is your garage door expert in West Central Florida. Our knowledgeable and professional team members can repair overhead doors of any make and model. Are you curious about other garage door replacement myths? Ask us. If you need a new garage door, we can give you a free estimate with no hidden costs. Please contact us for more information.

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