10 Cool Garage Door Design and Automation Ideas

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A bland, outdated garage door does little for your property value. However, you can revamp your residence’s exterior and immediately bolster your home’s value with innovative and architecturally complementary garage door design ideas.

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91.5% Average ROI on garage door replacements

Believe it or not, garage door replacement offers the biggest bang for your buck, according to the Remodeling magazine’s 2016 Cost vs. Value Report. The report indicated an average garage door replacement project in the United States delivered a 91.5 percent return on investment (ROI). Therefore, replacing a garage door can deliver substantial financial benefits down the line or during the selling of a home.

A rise in new-home construction has also triggered growth in the U.S. garage door installation sector and could help the industry expand over the next few years. This segment actually grew 3 percent between 2010 and 2015 — and as homeowners continue to invest in their residences, the sector may continue to expand as well.

New home construction is up 3% from 2010 - 2015

By investing in your garage door, you can enjoy a stylish, practical part of your home that delivers long-lasting benefits. But how do you get started? Selecting the garage door of your dreams can be difficult because many options are available for homeowners.

Meanwhile, there are numerous ways to revamp your garage door’s design and increase home value. From garage door wireless smartphone control capabilities to faux wood garage doors, there are many cool garage ideas that can help automate your life and add curb appeal and value to your home.

Here’s a closer look at 10 stunning garage door ideas you can implement to transform an ordinary garage door into one that gets noticed day after day.

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1. Automate your garage door and control it with state-of-the-art technology.

Did you forget to close your garage door before you left for work? The LiftMaster® Elite Series 8550W remote app makes it simple to open and close your garage door anywhere, anytime from your smartphone.

So how can you open your garage door with your Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or any other smartphone or tablet? The LiftMaster opener leverages MyQ technology that gives you control of your garage door from any location. It utilizes two-way communication between your mobile device and your garage door opener. As a result, the app ensures you’ll have no trouble connecting to and controlling your garage door opener by using an Internet-enabled smartphone or tablet.

Control your garage door from any location

The LiftMaster 8550W MyQ garage door opener is revolutionizing the garage door industry. It makes it simple for you to monitor the status of your garage door, receive garage door activity alerts on your mobile device and more. You can use this garage door wireless smartphone control app to track and maintain your garage door as well as turn on and off lights wherever you choose. You’ll never have to worry again if your garage door is closed.

2. Add a touch of elegance with faux wood garage doors.

Warm and inviting, faux wood provides an ideal option for homeowners who want to add a touch of elegance to their garage doors and their homes. Faux wood garage doors, such as the Canyon Ridge Collection, requires minimal maintenance, making it a wonderful choice for homeowners who lack the time or resources to maintain their garage door. Plus, faux wood is incredibly realistic — in most cases, it’s difficult to tell the difference between faux wood and the real deal.

Faux wood also offers a pest- and moisture-resistant garage door option, which reduces the risk of cracking, rotting or splitting. And with the ability to maintain its appearance in high humidity and extreme temperatures, faux wood garage doors perform beautifully in warm weather environments. These garage doors offer a wonderful mix of style and functionality, making them ideal choices for homeowners especially in warmer climates such as Florida.

Faux wood garage doors add a touch of elegance

3. Give your home a high-end look with carriage house garage doors and hardware.

Carriage house garage doors deliver a classic look and feel, which has made them increasingly popular for homeowners. These garage doors typically boast a sleek, contemporary design and aluminum framed doors with opaque glass panels that make them both visually appealing and practical. If you appreciate classic designs, carriage house garage doors are excellent options. They are sure to deliver exceptional value while enhancing the look of any home.

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Carriage house garage doors deliver a classic look and feel

4. Add windows to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Incorporate windows to bring sunlight into your garage consistently. In addition, windows can help boost your home’s curb appeal, both now and in the future. As windows, siding and doors expert Dave Cook tells ImproveNet, windows can give a garage door a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners nationwide.

“Homeowners are welcoming sunlight into their garage with the larger windows. Much like home windows, homeowners want the windows larger in their garage because they allow more light in and give the best outside views,” Cook notes.

For Florida homeowners, it’s important to be aware that the 2002 Florida Building Code requires homes in most coastal areas to have windows that can withstand 350 foot-pounds of impact energy. Clopay® garage doors offer impact resistant windows that meet this new, stricter code.

5. Insulate your garage to reduce your energy loss.

A new, energy-efficient garage door can help you lower your energy loss by up to 71 percent. This means completing a garage door installation today could ultimately pay for itself, thanks to the energy savings you’ll receive over an extended period of time.

For instance, consider the Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection Limited Edition Series of carriage house garage doors. Each of these doors features a high R-value, as every door is constructed from a versatile composite polymer material that provides enhanced insulation.

An insulated garage door can help reduce energy costs by 71%

Clopay also offers Intellicore® insulation technology, a proprietary process which results in a more durable, stronger and quieter garage door with some of the highest R-values in the industry. To achieve this, a proprietary polyurethane foam is injected into the garage door, which expands to fill the entire structure. This technology provides year-round comfort and improved energy efficiency.

Because attached garages share common walls with the house, any hot or cold air that travels through the garage door will affect the adjacent living areas. This is why an insulated garage door can help stabilize temperatures to reduce heat losses or gains. By insulating your garage, you can minimize energy loss and lower your energy bills simultaneously.

6. Choose bright, vibrant garage doors.

If you have a unique personal style or simply enjoy bright colors, vibrant garage doors can be an exciting choice for a variety of reasons. First, these garage doors enable you to take a break from the ordinary and make a bold design statement. Although neighbors may have homes with basic white or almond garage doors, you can incorporate a bit of flair into your home’s appearance with colorful garage doors.

Garage doors can also match your house’s vibrant trim, shutters or entry door. This helps accentuate your home’s other features as well while blending in with the overall style. Choose a garage door that makes a distinct impression to help your home stand out.

Bright color makes a bold design statement on garage doors

7. Consider Hurricane Rated Garage Doors

Most people don’t realize that garage doors have specific wind load requirements depending on your geographic region. A professional garage door technician is able to provide current information and an on-site inspection to ensure that your garage door meets those requirements.

Technology and style for Hurricane Rated Garage Doors has only improved over the years, including Clopay’s “Storm Ready” models which require no advance set-up. These doors contain reinforcement within the structure of the door and is engaged by simply locking it – an important timesaver and safety feature in the event of a hurricane or other unexpected weather event. There are many style options available, including code-compliant carriage-house style garage doors and impact resistant windows.

Nothing beats peace of mind, especially for homeowners in hurricane-prone or high wind areas, and is especially beneficial for vacation home and rental property owners.

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Hurricane rated garage doors prepare you for any storm

8. Explore steel garage doors.

Steel is both shiny and versatile, and with steel garage doors, homeowners can create the perfect look for their home. For instance, consider the Clopay Modern Steel Collection of garage doors. These garage doors boast steel skins that are protected through a tough, layered coating system, including a hot-dipped galvanized layer and baked-on primer and top coat. As a result, these garage doors are easy to maintain while offering a more modern look.

Steel garage doors complement both contemporary and mid-century modern home styles.

9. Consider expanding your Garage Door.

Whether you’re looking to keep larger vehicles in your garage, recreational vehicles or tools for your next big project, your garage door should be large enough to fulfill your needs.

Expanding your garage door can be a creative option, particularly for homeowners who are looking to add storage space or accommodate a larger vehicle. Many large, stylish and functional garage doors are available, and can be retrofitted to your existing garage in some cases. Larger doors also help to increase the curb appeal of your home.

10. Bring a farmhouse look and feel to your garage doors.

Garage door styles have come a long way, and homeowners are taking advantage of adding barn style doors to their home.

Clopay and other brands offer a wide range of garage door styles including models that offer a country chic or barn style look and feel. Incorporating farmhouse style hardware into your garage doors can also provide your home with a style you will love.

Barn doors add a country chic style to your home

Garage Doors From Banko Overhead Doors

Now that you know about the latest garage door design and automation trends, how can you take the next step toward improving your garage doors? That’s simple – contact Banko Overhead Doors to learn more about our extensive selection of garage doors.

Since 1984, Banko Overhead Doors has served as a top supplier and installer of residential and commercial garage doors to Tampa Bay-area and West Central Florida homeowners, businesses and home builders alike. We offer the best service, selection and style in the garage door industry, and our team consists of talented service technicians and installers with unprecedented experience in the field.

Banko Overhead Doors also boasts a design sales team that will listen and understand your needs to offer the best garage door and garage door opener connectivity solution for your home. We offer a wide range of residential garage door collections, including:

  • Coachman® Collection – Features authentic-looking insulated steel and composite carriage house garage doors.
  • Grand Harbor® Collection – Includes steel and composite carriage house garage doors with or without insulation.
  • Gallery® Collection – Consists of grooved panel steel carriage house garage doors with or without insulation.
  • Reserve® Collection – Boasts handcrafted insulated wood carriage house designs that are beautiful, energy-efficient and strong.

Banko Overhead Doors also offers the latest in MyQ technology, enabling homeowners to reap the benefits of a MyQ Garage. We are happy to explain how MyQ technology works and help you determine whether you can use it with your residence’s garage doors.

At Banko Overhead Doors, we work to streamline the garage door selection and installation processes. We provide customers with free garage door installation estimates, and our team is ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.

With a commitment to delivering the best possible customer service, you’ll always receive the support you deserve. To get a free estimate, simply fill out this form or call us to learn more about garage door opener installation and repair service.

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