Garage Door FAQs: Top Three Garage Door Questions We Hear Every Day

By:   Niki D'Angelo | Published:
Clopay Coachman Collection Garage Doors

The team at Banko has been out on garage door repairs, service calls, and installations for almost 30 years now. We receive a lot of questions every day, but today we want to address three heard most often.

1. Our garage door isn’t working: is it the door, opener, remote? Help!

There could be several reasons your garage door isn’t working properly or is only opening halfway. While batteries can be replaced and manufacturer manuals can help reprogram remote controls to discover what is really at fault, we always recommend calling the professionals if you are having motor issues, experience vibrations, or start spending more than an hour trying to repair it yourself.

2. How frequently should our garage door be serviced?

According to Popular Mechanics, the average American garage door opens and closes almost 1,500 times per year. With that kind of use weighing down on dozens of moving parts, we often forget that wear and tear should be expected. Just like we maintain our cars, the doors that keep them protected need to be tuned up by a professional once a year.

3. Do we need a permit to install a garage door?

When you install a garage door, because of Florida’s demanding Building Code, you do need a city or county permit first. These regulations ensure garage doors can withstand hurricanes and other severe conditions that accompany living in the Sunshine State.

We get dozens more questions like these and have set up an FAQ section on our website to help you troubleshoot or think about the garage door installation process. While we offer a 24-hour emergency repair service, please give our team a call anytime to talk through your questions or concerns. We are happy to help.

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