The Man Cave

By:   Kim Wiest

What is a Man Cave, if not a place outside of the house where a guy can seek refuge, hang out with his buddies, and have enough space to putter freely on his special projects? The only thing keeping the garage from achieving its full Man Cave potential is the inability to keep the door open while keeping out the pests, especially after night fall. Until now!

garage screen from Banko Overhead Doors can help you transform you garage’s space simply, practically, and affordably. Lifestyle Screens are retractable and spring-loaded, to work seamlessly in conjunction with your existing garage door. The screen’s counterbalance system makes it effortless to open and close the screen without need for an electric opener. It also provides a tight fit when open, occupying the same position as your garage door. No more pests get in…just the free flowing fresh air that comes from the great out of doors.

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