Things to Think About Before Buying a Garage Door

A special post from Nick Banko, President of Banko Overhead Doors.

When I meet with new customers, we often discuss the different needs you will have for your garage doors. Whether it is finding the perfect style to complement a new home or ensuring your door is insulated to be ready for any of the weather our Florida climate might bring, I truly enjoy these conversations. Over the course of the next few weeks I will share discussions about cost, location, style, connectivity and maintenance, as each should be considered before buying a garage door or garage door opener.

    1. Cost: There are many factors that influence the cost of a new or replacement garage door. I list some of these below, but it’s important to think about cost in a long-term sense. Sometimes the more you invest up front, the less cost you will incur over the life of your home if you purchase a very good garage door versus having to replace one once or twice.
    2. Location: Are you (or are you planning to build) near the Gulf or a beach? Is your garage door more exposed or part of a home design where it is more secluded? At Banko, we carry Clopay® doors which remain some of the best for combating inclement weather or where doors are more exposed to sunlight, etc.
    3. Style: The style of your garage door often proves more than simply cosmetically pleasing. While your options abound, style can affect substance. For instance, consider the security concerns of a door that faces the street: would solid or windowed doors work better? Materials and insulation can also meet your specific needs but affect a price point decision.
    4. Connectivity: At Banko, we carry LiftMaster® garage door openers, and I couldn’t be more pleased with these products. On some models, the MyQ™ technology might be something you desire. Being able to close your door or switch on the garage opener light from your smartphone or iPad can be more than a convenience when thinking about security.
    5. Maintenance: Finally, warranty length and annual maintenance should rank on your list when considering a garage door purchase. Again, these considerations can have a direct impact on long-term cost.

I take great pride in our Banko team and products, and hope that you’ll give us a call when considering a new garage door purchase. It is my personal guarantee that you’ll receive rapid response with no hidden costs. You can count on it.