Garage Door Replacement Panels and Sections

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At Banko Overhead Doors, we provide fast and effective repair services needed to keep your garage in full working order as long as possible. This includes the ability to replace a broken garage door panel or section that has been damaged.

Our experienced technicians can advise if you will get more value from a full garage door replacement vs a panel replacement. We will also ensure that your garage door still operates safely especially if there has been an accident or storm that has caused the damage, and may have affected parts of the garage door operation that aren’t as visible.

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What to Know When Considering Replacement Panels and Sections

When we get calls about garage door replacement panels, we often hear questions on whether it is more cost-effective to replace a panel vs installing a new door. As you can imagine, the right answer to this question can vary depending on the age of the door and the extent of the damage. In most cases, replacing one panel on a newer door can make the most sense, but if there are several damaged sections then you may want to consider getting a new door installed. In most cases this is more cost effective, and you get the added benefits of better insulation and an instant home upgrade for the same if not cheaper cost than replacing several panels.

Can I Replace Damaged Garage Door Panels on My Own?

While you can certainly try to install a garage door replacement panel on your own, it takes advanced knowledge and experience to ensure the work is done properly. We recommend using a professional in order to avoid first-time mistakes that can often be costly and sometimes even dangerous. Your garage door operates under massive tension, and a trained professional is able to install a replacement panel for you quickly and safely.

Matching Replacement Panel Colors

Rest assured that our team of expert technicians is experienced in garage door panel replacement and repair and that each of these service professionals can help match the color of your existing door to the replacement panel for a seamless look.

Serving Florida Since 1984

At Banko, we have more than 30 years of experience in serving home and business owners throughout Florida. We’ve learned a lot through these three-plus decades of service, and we apply those lessons learned to each installation and repair service call. Whether you need garage door panel repair, regular maintenance or a full garage door replacement, trust the team and the expertise you’ll find at Banko.

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