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Garage Door Gift Ideas

Oct 28, 2021

The best gift you can give yourself or a loved one is something they will use and appreciate every day. A garage door or door opener can be the gift you give yourself every time you leave or return home. Durable, eye-catching garage doors are a great way to keep a house secure and maintain […]

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How to Reset the Wi-Fi Hub of Your myQ® Garage 821LM

Sep 25, 2020

Your LiftMaster® myQ® Garage 821LM model garage door opener features a Wi-Fi hub to allow for convenient wireless access. In some cases, the hub can become inactive and may need to be reset — or you may want to connect your hub to a new router. Fix My Garage Door Here at Banko Overhead Doors, […]

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Why Are the Lights on My Garage Door Opener Staying On?

Dec 19, 2019

You’ve recently come home after a long day, and before finally going inside to relax, you notice that your garage door opener lights aren’t switching off. While the opener light is a convenient tool that allows safe entry and exit of your garage, you don’t necessarily want the light to remain on all night. Now […]

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myQ® and Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery

Jul 25, 2019

There are many benefits of a myQ connected garage door. myQ allows you to check if you left your garage door open, and open and close it from anywhere with the myQ app. myQ also enables convenient access experiences like Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery. Eligible Prime members can get their Amazon packages and groceries delivered […]

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Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener Remote

Jan 10, 2019

Table of Contents When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener Remote  How to Replace a Garage Door Opener Remote What to Do When Your Remote Is Lost or Stolen Preventing Future Remote Theft  For Reliable, Helpful Garage Door Opener Services, Call Banko Overhead Doors  Many homeowners use their garage doors every day as the main entrance […]

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How to Connect Your Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

Dec 11, 2018

You’ve finally taken the plunge to replace your outdated garage door opener with a model that features the latest advancements in technology — Wi-Fi connectivity with myQ® capabilities — so you can monitor and control your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone. But now that you’ve installed a new garage door opener, how can you […]

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Why Is My Garage Door Opener Beeping?

Apr 25, 2018

Technology is wonderful, isn’t it? Today we live in a world that’s more connected than ever before. Our connected world creates a lot of conveniences, but it also leads to some confusion when we don’t fully understand the technologies we’re using. Fix My Garage Door Like garage doors. When a LiftMaster® garage door opener is […]

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