How Much Does a Typical Garage Door Cost?

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When prospective garage door buyers look at models and options, it’s important to understand typical garage door costs and the factors that can affect the final overall cost. A garage door is an important part of home value, design and overall home safety, and homeowners should understand the benefits, options and budget when it comes to this home improvement project. The most important thing is to find the look and feel that will enhance your home’s curb appeal while staying within your budget.

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a garage door replacement in Florida will provide you with a 97.2% return on investment!

Consider these statistics: A garage door replacement on average will provide you with a 91.5% return on investment. However, that’s a national average. For those living in Florida, note that the ROI is even higher at 97.2%!

When compared to other home improvement projects, this is one of the most valuable long-term investments you can make in your home. It will increase curb appeal and home security while giving you the opportunity to implement the latest in cost-saving insulation and safety features for your family.

Here are some things to consider when shopping for a garage door and factors that contribute to the amount you can expect to pay in general, and more specifically in the Florida area.

What Is the Average Size of a Garage Door?

Most homes have a standard-sized garage door, which will vary depending on whether you have a double or single garage door. Average garage door sizes are:

  • Standard single sizes, 8-by-7 feet, 9-by-7 feet and 10-by-7 feet.
  • Double garage doors, 12-by-7 feet, 14-by-7 feet and 16-by-7 feet

Generally speaking, a larger garage door will increase garage door prices. As doors increase in size, they require additional reinforcements, further increasing the amount of material used in construction.

What Are the Typical Materials Used in a Garage Door?

The quality of material you choose will make a difference in how much your new garage door will cost. Here is a breakdown of typical garage door prices based on different materials:

These prices are naturally affected by size. There are other features, too, though, such as windows or other specialty designs, that will alter the base cost of a new door.

In the case of wood, the type of wood used can increase the range of costs as well. Further, wood doors will have more long-term maintenance costs as they need more treatment and reapplications of paint or stain to ensure the wood doesn’t warp. However, the lux look of wood is incomparable and goes far toward increasing the curb appeal of a home. And when you do take proper care of a wood door, it will age beautifully. In fact, many homeowners prefer the look of the gentle wear of an aged wood door.

If you love the look of wood, but you want a door that is more affordable, wood composite is a great compromise.

Also, check with your garage door provider to make sure that the cost includes installation — it should be included as part of the price.

What Sort of Insulation Should I Expect?

Many homeowners choose to add insulation to a garage door to help make their homes more energy efficient and sound proof. Insulation will add to the cost, but it pays for itself in the long run in energy costs.

insulation will add to the cost, but it pays for itself in the long run in energy costs

Before we discuss the two most common types of insulation, we should take a look at some of the terminology surrounding insulation grading.

Insulation is graded using a term called R-value, which is a measure of thermal resistance, or the degree to which temperatures can transfer through a material. The higher the R-value, the more temperature changes will be resisted.

For comparison’s sake, glass — which is a very poor insulator — has an R-value of 0.14. A vacuum insulated panel, the highest grade insulation material typically used in large-scale commercial constructions, has an R-value between 30 and 50. In fact, while it isn’t a hard and fast rule, the higher the R-value, the more expensive the insulation will likely be. However, the higher the R-value, the less you will spend on heating and cooling, so it is important to think of insulation as an investment.

With that in mind, when selecting an insulation, you have several options:


Polystyrene is the more affordable of the two options. It does also do a good job of increasing the R-value of your garage door while being lightweight and easy to install. Because the product comes in sheets, it is typically cut down to fit against the individual panels in your garage door. It also comes in different thicknesses. The thicker the sheet, the higher the R-value — although thicker sheets can become unmanageable for some garage doors.

The R-value of polystyrene will typically range between R-2 and R-10.


Polyurethane is denser than polystyrene, and, therefore, more expensive. But because it is denser, it is also a better insulator. The R-values for polyurethane garage door insulation typically range between R-10 and R-17.5.

In addition, polyurethane is much stronger than polystyrene. If you install polyurethane, you will notice additional support added to your door. Additionally, it is a fantastic sound dampener. Because garage doors are so susceptible to vibration, this can make opening and closing your garage door much quieter, which is a real plus if there is a bedroom or study adjacent to your garage.

In addition to insulation, you need to consider the weather-stripping installed at the bottom of your door. While this is a simple installation, old and cracked weather-stripping can lower the R-value of your door. Additionally, the weather-stripping is an important layer of defense between your home and the critters and insects that might be looking to invade!

There are also two ways to approach garage door insulation. If you have a pre-existing garage door you are happy with but want to add insulation to, it may be possible to add some insulation to your current door, typically by applying panels to the inside of the door.

In most cases however, it’s a much better value and aesthetic to purchase a new door with insulation already integrated into the product.  Here at Banko, we have a wide range of Clopay® garage doors that come complete with Intellicore® technology.

Finally, you want insulation that makes sense where you live. Here in Florida, we aren’t too worried about keeping out the cold. But during the summer, the heat can be oppressive, and an uninsulated garage can become very uncomfortable — or even dangerously hot. Most customers are surprised at how much an insulated garage door can make for a much cooler garage in the summer months.

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How Will Location Influence Garage Door Prices?

Garage door prices change depending on where you live. Prices correlate with other location-based factors like cost of living, code requirements and sales tax.

For example, due to the heightened risk of hurricanes, garage doors in Florida must adhere to robust hurricane codes. In fact, even homes in the Florida interior have hurricane rating code requirements. The strictest codes are in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, where the risk of high winds and debris is higher. Although the initial cost of these hurricane rated garage doors are higher initially, they are well worth the investment since they help protect not just your garage, but also your entire home from potential storm or hurricane damage.

because of the heightened risk of hurricanes, garage doors in the state must adhere to robust hurricane codes

Will Hardware Impact Garage Door Cost?

There are various types of hardware that are essential to any garage door installation. And like most materials, higher quality hardware is more expensive.

In fact, when it comes to ROI, investing in high quality hardware and springs is a good idea, as you will save in the long run on repairs and part replacements.

How Much Are Garage Doors That Include Customization?

If you want your garage door to make an impact and represent your and your family’s aesthetic, custom is the way to go.

There are numerous ways you can make your garage door truly unique. Windows, panel designs, custom finishes and paint colors will all make your door distinct.

Custom colors are one of the most common requests for customization. This is especially the case with replacement doors, as homeowners often want to coordinate the color of new door with the preexisting paint scheme.

You can also customize the functionality of your door. Unique opening styles and other technology such as MyQ Smartphone Control can be added to ensure your door works exactly the way you want it to.

Before you splurge on a fully custom door, make sure to explore all of the pre-fabricated garage door styles that are available. Garage door designs have come far in creating designs that have the appearance of customization at a fraction of the cots.

Should I Invest in Professional Installation?

Do-it-yourself savings are always tempting — and on many projects in your home, this is a good approach. However, when it comes to garage door installation, it’s better to leave the job to the professionals.

do-it-yourself savings are always tempting, when it comes to garage door installation, it's better to leave the job to the professionals

First of all, a new garage door is a big investment. Having a professional installation will help to ensure it is done properly, so the door will function correctly and also prevent issues that drive up repair costs. While you may not notice an unbalanced door hanging initially, it will wear your door unevenly and put added pressure on the lifting mechanism. A professional installation is important to help save you money in the long run.

New garage doors often come with robust security features, tying them into your overall home security system. This is a technically challenging job, and doing it properly is essential if you want your garage door to be safe and secure both day and night.

What Will I Be Paying for When I Have My Door Professionally Installed?

The price of installation is spread across some costs. You will be paying for the transportation of your door as well as the delivery. The cost also includes labor for worksite preparation and clean-up, along with the labor for the actual installation.

However, certain costs aren’t always included in the price of installation. These can include the cost of removing hazardous materials, the sales tax on supplies and the costs of permits and inspections, depending on the requirements of where you live. Your garage door dealer should be upfront about these costs.

Where Should I Go for a New Garage Door in Florida?

When it comes to increasing both the value and functionality of your home, a new garage door’s ROI makes it an easy choice. In most cases, replacing your garage door is a much better option than repairing it especially if it is older or significantly damaged.

when it comes to increasing both the value and functionality of your home, a new garage door's ROI makes it an easy choice

If you are looking for a new garage door in West Central Florida, look no further than Banko Overhead Doors.

At Banko, our team of design consultants can help you focus on garage door options that achieve the look and function you want while staying within your budget. A new garage door is a big decision, and you should have as much information as possible before making it. We also offer one of the largest selections of garage doors in a variety of styles and price points.

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By providing free estimates and design consultations before installation, we can provide you with the information needed to make the best investment possible.

Contact us today to request a free estimate on a new or replacement garage door for your home!

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