Popular Types of Homes in Florida

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Popular Types of Homes in Florida

Florida is a state full of diversity, beautiful beaches, lively cities and influence from all walks of life. The Sunshine State has an array of sights to see, and one of the best sights are the beautiful homes.

You will find various styles and builds of homes in Florida. With the overabundance of Florida house styles, there is sure to be one that catches your eye. Whether you’re living near the beach, in Central Florida or elsewhere in the state, the types of houses in Florida are some of the most unique and stunning.

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Different Types of Homes in Florida

The architectural style of a home in Florida is diverse and can change slightly throughout the state. Each home style carries its unique attributes throughout the entire facade of the home. The exterior walls, structure, roof, garage door and other aspects all work together to create a unique home style. The following are some of the most popular home styles in Florida and the prominent architecture options.

1. Spanish Style

White walls and red tile roofs are the indicators of the romantic architecture of Spanish-style houses. Spanish-style homes are commonly built in states like Florida, California and other parts of America’s Southwest. This type of home is referenced with a few different terms, like Mission style, Moorish, Monterey and more. The many terms of this style stem from the diverse influence and unique touches from various sources in the country.

White walls and red tile roofs are the indicators of the romantic architecture of Spanish-style houses.

Although there are different names and slight changes to the look of Spanish style houses, many shared characteristics make them stand out among other homes:

  • Red tile roofs: An iconic detail of a Spanish-style home is the red roof. These tile roofs are typically terra cotta, concrete or slate, and they are extremely durable and long-lasting. The staple look of the red roof is quintessential in this common type of Florida homes.
  • Stucco walls: The next quality common to Spanish-style homes is the clean, white stucco walls. People commonly use stucco to cover either the block or wood frame of the home. For Spanish-style homes in Florida, you’ll see the crisp white exterior paired with the warm red tile roof.
  • Wood support beams: A common element of Spanish-style homes is wooden support beams. This structural detail dates back to when people made this style of home out of adobe and there had to be a strong structural support to secure the building. Now, wooden beams are mostly a decorative detail for Spanish-style homes.
  • Simple decorations: As one of the desirable styles of houses in Florida, Spanish-style homes are anything but plain. However, they are known for their simple and clean embellishments. When people add decorations, they usually place them near windows, arches and borders, but the main exterior walls remain clean.
  • Arches and curves: A prominent architectural design in Spanish-style homes is the curves and arches that highlight the space. It’s common for this style of Florida home to incorporate smooth arching windows, curving entryways and round aspects in the design.

You can add to the overall look of a Spanish-style home with a carriage house garage door. This classic-style garage door pairs well with the simple and classic colors of a Spanish-style home.

2. Mediterranean Architecture

Mediterranean architecture is a beautiful type of home among the house styles in Florida. These buildings are typically two stories high with luxurious features. These styles of houses in Florida will remind you of breathtaking coastal villas found in Europe. This unique style fits nicely with the tropical vibes of Florida.

Mediterranean architecture is a beautiful type of home among the house styles in Florida. These buildings are typically two stories high with luxurious features. 

You’ll notice that Mediterranean architecture is similar to Spanish-style homes. This style of home stems from similar areas and incorporates closely related features. The main styles of Mediterranean architecture are Italian Renaissance, Spanish Revival and Modern Mediterranean. Here are some of the defining aspects of Mediterranean architecture:

  • White brick or stucco: It’s quite common for Mediterranean architecture not to include many colors on the exterior. You’ll find white brick or stucco exterior walls on many Mediterranean-style homes in Florida.
  • Low-pitched roofs: You can spot out Mediterranean architecture by the low-pitched tile roofs it displays. The roofs on this style of home are typically either red or dark brown.
  • Multiple balconies: You can enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather in Florida on one of the balconies that are commonly included in Mediterranean-style houses. It is common to find more than one balcony on this type of home, and this is especially great when the weather is as warm as it is in Florida.
  • Raw-iron and metalwork: Mediterranean homes have simple decor on their exterior, but there are a few unique touches that make them stand out among other homes. You’ll notice stunning metalwork and raw-iron details on this type of home. On windows, door frames, balconies and other home features there is often a sleek metal material.

When you are choosing a garage door for your Mediterranean-style home, a carriage house garage door is the perfect option. These garage doors are customizable to fit the colors and style of your Mediterranean home.

3. Coastal Contemporary

Coastal contemporary styles of homes in Florida are exceptionally common because of the amount of waterfront access and nature the state offers. Coastal homes give off a relaxing vibe and make you feel as if you’re on vacation. Homes don’t have to be on the water to have a coastal contemporary style. The feel of the ocean and coastline is exemplified in the architecture and design of this type of home.

Coastal homes give off a relaxing vibe and make you feel as if you're on vacation.

You might associate nautical decor with coastal homes, but they do not necessarily refer to the same thing. Coastal homes have more of a subtle beachy feel to their design. Modern coastal homes are a staple in Florida. Here are some of the defining characteristics of this type of house:

  • Muted and bright colors: When you look at a coastal contemporary house, you may feel a sense of calming and comfort. Coastal home color palettes have soothing, neutral tones along with a pop of bright color. A popular bold color is blue or turquoise, but you’ll also see corals, yellows, greens and oranges.
  • Modern and traditional: You can customize the accents of a coastal style home to match your personal taste. Whether you enjoy modern design or traditional details, these popular home styles can incorporate a variety of design ideas.
  • Textures: In the decorations of a coastal contemporary home, playing with texture is an essential part of portraying the beachy feeling. What do you think when you picture the beach? Perhaps sand under your feet, small rocks and the waves crashing. Coastal homes should portray these sensory details through their design and decor. Try implementing wooden and woven pieces throughout the house to tie in the beach vibe.

Update your coastal contemporary home with a steel garage door from the Heritage® Collection. These garage doors offer a clean look to enhance curb appeal and provide excellent functionality. If your coastal home is located close to the water or in a hurricane-prone area, consider a hurricane rated garage door.

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4. Victorian Architecture

Features that make Victorian-style homes unique and timeless

Victorian architecture is mostly seen in parts of Central Florida. Victorian architectural styles of homes in Florida consist of narrow and tall buildings with charming details and embellishments on the windows, porches and trims. Since these are older-style homes, they are commonly seen in mature parts of the state of Florida. Learn about the features that make Victorian-style homes unique and timeless:

  • Small windows: Victorian-style architecture often includes smaller windows. You can also see a high number of windows on a home with Victorian architecture.
  • Tall and slender buildings: Victorian homes are designed to draw your eyes upward. They are tall and narrow buildings that incorporate various shapes.
  • Location: Victorian architecture is an older type of design, and it is commonly found in cities and towns with long history. In cities, it can be common to find Victorian homes close together in a row.
  • Steeply pitched roofs: Some Victorian architecture has extremely steep-pitched roofs. It can even look similar to church steeples.
  • Asymmetry: This home type can encompass round and rectangular shapes in its structure. Asymmetry is a popular feature of Victorian architecture.

The stunning architecture of a Victorian home is best paired with a beautiful carriage house garage door. A carriage house garage door enhances the old-time charm of a Victorian-style home.

5. Ranch Architecture

Ranch-style homes and architecture include a style of house that is unique to America. You can see these houses all over the country, and you’ll see them in Florida as well. Ranch architecture usually consists of one-story homes and can spread out wide across a piece of land.

Ranch architecture usually consists of one-story homes and can spread out wide across a piece of land.

If you’re looking for a home to lay back and relax in, a ranch-style home might be for you. Check out the features that make ranch architecture desirable:

  • Single-floor space: These low-profile homes stem from parts of the Western United States, where it was more convenient to have a ranch-style home. Single-floor homes are also very popular among the senior community. This layout makes everything in the home easily accessible.
  • Sliding glass doors: The open-space concept is prevalent in ranch-style architecture. Part of that style is to combine the inside and outside of your home with large sliding glass doors and windows. These additions let more natural light into the home and connect your inside living area to your back deck.
  • Backyard: Some homes focus on the front of the structure, but ranch-style houses put focus into how the backyard looks. These homes are created to make your own backyard oasis and enjoy the outdoors in peace.
  • Spacious garage: Ranch-style homes are increasingly popular in the suburbs. You can also commonly see garages on ranch-style homes to accommodate family cars.
  • Asymmetry: This type of house isn’t a typical rectangular home. The common shapes of ranch architecture are an “L” shape or “U” shape.

Ranch-style homes can incorporate various styles of garage doors. You can choose an eye-catching natural wood garage door or a carriage house garage door. When your ranch-style home’s exterior is unique, it’s important to complement it with a striking garage door.

6. Craftsman Bungalows

Craftsman bungalows are charming little homes nestled into towns and cities across the state of Florida. With ties to the Arts and Crafts movement, these homes have gorgeous details and use various materials to make them look like home.

The special features of a Craftsman home deserve a garage door that will complement the unique details.

These homes include fine, detailed woodwork and designs on the outside and inside of the home. Craftsman bungalows are usually smaller homes and are easy to take care of. Take a look at what makes a Craftsman home so quaint and popular in Florida:

  • No wasted space: Unlike the simple facade of other home types, Craftsman bungalows have no wasted space on the outside or inside of the home. Intricate details and embellishments are spread throughout the home and make every space unique.
  • Front porches: A staple feature of a Craftsman-style home is the front porch. You can decorate the front porch with your favorite set of chairs and enjoy the luxury of the cozy space.
  • Chimney and fireplace: The fireplace in a Craftsman home is a centerpiece of the home. Another signature feature of this type of home is the brick or stone fireplace that may be at the side of the house.
  • Centerpiece living room: Typically, everything in a Craftsman house is centered around the living room.
  • Windows: You can find numerous windows in a Craftsman bungalow home. You may also find some unique stained-glass windows throughout the home.
  • Built-in furniture: With no wasted space, Craftsman bungalows are known for having built-in furniture throughout the home. This can include bookshelves, decks, benches and other types of home furniture.

The special features of a Craftsman home deserve a garage door that will complement the unique details. Upgrade your charming Craftsman home with a Coachman® carriage-style garage door or a Reserve® wood garage door.

7. Art Deco

Art deco style homes are commonly found in big cities like Orlando, Miami and other parts of South Florida. This colorful, art-inspired style of home is perfect for anyone wanting an ultramodern type of home. Although this style is usually reserved for corporate or office buildings, some big cities have art deco districts with residential homes. Miami and parts of South Florida are places you’ll find many residential homes with art deco architecture.

Art deco style homes are commonly found in big cities like Orlando, Miami and other parts of South Florida.

Here are some design aspects that make these homes in Florida stand out:

  • Smooth walls: Art deco homes are known for their smooth white stucco walls. The exterior of the home may include rectangular shapes with smooth and rounded edges.
  • Bold decorations: Many homeowners get creative with the decorations on the outside and inside of an art deco home. Bold pops of color and unconventional design elements like zigzag lines, flowers, tropical birds and other picturesque designs are common.
  • New materials: Being creative with design also includes experimenting with materials. Art deco home designers think outside the box when including new items on the inside and outside of their home. Materials like chrome, mirrors, glass, neon items and more make this type of home stand out from the rest in Florida.
  • Flat roofs: In order to match the clean lines throughout the rest of the home, art deco homes have flat roofs.
  • Cities: You’ll find art deco homes in bigger cities. Look into cities that have a thriving art deco district for the opportunity to find residential homes that match this style.

An art deco home needs a garage door that incorporates clean lines to match the facade of the home. Consider a modern garage door from the Canyon Ridge® Modern Series collection to enhance your art deco home.

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Florida Decorating Ideas

Living in Florida affords a wonderful and unique lifestyle. Like the array of activities available for all age groups and lifestyles, there are various decorating options to match the beautiful state you live in.

You can tie in a Florida feel inside your house by incorporating items and small touches that resemble the Sunshine State. Make your house welcoming and warm with these design ideas that match your home’s style:

  • Add color to the living room.
  • Tailor small details to match your home’s style.
  • Select wall decor that contributes to your home’s atmosphere.
  • Opt for light colors in the bedroom.
  • Add window treatments with an airiness or boldness that matches your home style.
  • Select fun throw pillows in appropriate colors and textures.

You can find home design and decoration ideas online to make your space feel like home. Transform your living room, kitchen, bedrooms and even garage to match your home’s style.

Common House Exterior Colors in Florida

Common House Exterior Colors in Florida that can enhance the curb appeal of your home:ha

Popular home exterior colors in Florida can depend on the theme or architecture of the home, but there are a few common colors you’ll see when driving around. Here are some of the most common exterior colors that can enhance the curb appeal of your home:

  • Off-white
  • Yellow
  • Tan
  • Light blue
  • White
  • Gray
  • Taupe
  • Green

Coastal areas in Florida, like Key West and Miami, have homes in various bright and fun colors. You can choose to embody an island-style home with colors like coral, orange, turquoise, lime green and other fun hues that make your home feel like a vacation spot.

Regardless of the color of your home, you’ll find the perfect type of garage door to match. Garage doors are available in various styles, materials and colors to complement any home color.

Find a Garage Door for Your Florida Home at Banko Overhead Doors

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Your home in Florida should match your personal style and be functional for you and your family. From the usability of your kitchen to your garage, it’s best to feel comfortable at home. Having an efficient garage door can help improve your home by enhancing curb appeal and decreasing energy usage in your home. If you’re looking for a new residential garage door in Florida, contact Banko Overhead Doors.

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We can help you find the best garage door for your home style. We have numerous new residential garage door options that can be a perfect addition to your home.

Our company has been serving all types of homes in West Central Florida since 1984. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and installing high-quality garage doors. We offer a range of installation and maintenance services for residential homes and businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can install your next garage door.

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