Don’t Remodel Your Kitchen; Buy A New Garage Door!

Mar 12, 2014

According to a recent survey by Echo Research, 72% of American homeowners have at least one major home improvement project on their to-do-list. On average, these projects will cost about $4,000. Of this group, more than 30 million homeowners plan to sell their homes in the coming year. So, the strategy behind home improvements is […]

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Things to Think About Before Buying a Garage Door

Dec 02, 2013

A special post from Nick Banko, President of Banko Overhead Doors. When I meet with new customers, we often discuss the different needs you will have for your garage doors. Whether it is finding the perfect style to complement a new home or ensuring your door is insulated to be ready for any of the […]

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Garage Doors in West Central Florida: What You Need to Know

Nov 25, 2013

Did you know that adding or replacing your garage door is one of the lowest cost—but highest return on investment—projects you can do to add resale value to your home? According to Remodeling Magazine, you can, on average, recoup 66% of costs on a garage door addition here in the Tampa Bay area while recovering […]

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Garage Door FAQs: Top Three Garage Door Questions We Hear Every Day

Nov 11, 2013

The team at Banko has been out on garage door repairs, service calls, and installations for almost 30 years now. We receive a lot of questions every day, but today we want to address three heard most often. 1. Our garage door isn’t working: is it the door, opener, remote? Help! There could be several […]

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On the Technology Front: Intellicore Insulation

Oct 02, 2013

Clopay®’s new Intellicore Insulation technology represents the ultimate triple threat when it comes to the three key measures in performance of a garage door’s insulation: How well does it provide temperature control? How well does it reduce noise levels? How well does it add strength? Intellicore technology features a proprietary polyurethane foam that is injected into […]

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Get More $ Back! New Garage Doors Retain High Value At Resale

Aug 07, 2013

According to the “2013 Cost Vs. Value Report” conducted by Remodeling magazine, adding a new garage door to your home was found to have the second highest return on investment among 22 popular “midrange” remodeling projects. The report compared the average cost of the projects across 81 cities with the actual value that those projects […]

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Electrical Outage? No Problem With Garage Door Battery Backup

Jul 06, 2013

With power outages becoming more and more common, there’s a growing concern among the Banko customers regarding their inability to get in or out of their garage when their electric garage door opener isn’t functioning. Many garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds, making it almost impossible for the door to be safely raised or […]

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These Are Not Your Dad’s Garage Doors!

Jun 01, 2013

If you’re looking to replace a garage door for the first time in many years, be prepared for a great surprise when it comes to being introduced to all of the industry’s latest technological advancements. Never before have garage doors been as safe, easy and efficient to operate, more durable, better looking, or more capable […]

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The Man Cave

Mar 03, 2013

What is a Man Cave, if not a place outside of the house where a guy can seek refuge, hang out with his buddies, and have enough space to putter freely on his special projects? The only thing keeping the garage from achieving its full Man Cave potential is the inability to keep the door […]

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