Looking for an inexpensive garage door? Consider the consequences.

By:   Niki D'Angelo | Published:
Looking For a Cheap Garage Door? Consider the consequences

If you are getting ready to replace your old garage door with “just one you can find”, or one that’s the lowest price, it is prudent to reconsider your stance. The old saying, “You get what you pay for”, certainly rings true in this situation. Envision yourself driving home from a long week of work, pulling up to your home and you see your new garage door, which is now considered your new front door to your home. Does this door protect your family, is it energy efficient? If the answer is not yes, consider these factors when selecting your next garage door, no matter the price.

Harsh Weather Conditions

Did you know your garage door may be the most vulnerable part of your home to hurricane damage? That’s because it is typically the largest opening in a home. If left unsecured, the garage door is susceptible to 100-plus-mph winds that can cause it to buckle, allowing wind to penetrate the garage and potentially rip apart a roof and eventually the rest of a structure. The powerful winds, windblown debris, heavy rain, and sudden cause in pressure can cause your garage door to malfunction. Purchasing hurricane and WindCode rated garage doors from a reputable garage door company can help withstand any crazy weather condition that come your way.

More Than a Workspace

These days, more and more homeowners are utilizing the space in their garages as living and working environments. Some have even turned the garage into a man cave. Those who spend ample time in the garage are especially vulnerable to the dangers presented by cheap garage doors. Be smart about this purchase. Invest in a reliable garage door that will function as designed and provide insulation to maintain a comfortable temperature. Do not lose sight of the fact that an investment in a high quality garage door can be recouped. An insulated garage door can do more than offer protection, can add meaningful value to your home.

Find the Right Door

If you are interested in expanding your garage and are considering putting in a new garage door, we encourage you to contact Banko today. Browse through our variety of residental garage doors or even design your own with our door imagination tool. Banko Overhead Doors has been serving the Greater Tampa Area for over 30 years ensuring you a trust worthy, long lasting garage door. Get a free estimate, and upgrade your garage today.

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