Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated Garage Doors

Should you get an insulated overhead or garage door? Some people automatically associate insulated overhead doors and garage doors with keeping heat in, so they assume they don’t need insulated garage doors in Tampa, Florida. However, insulation does a lot more than keep you warm in the winter, and there are a number of reasons why insulated garage doors can be a great idea for your property even in a warmer climate.

Clopay Insulated Garage Doors

A non-insulated steel garage door is one solid steel layer. An insulated garage door can either be that same layer with insulation added or two layers of steel with the insulation injected in between them, called a sandwich door — one of the best options with respect to insulation.

Banko Overhead Doors is proud to offer a selection of Clopay garage doors featuring Intellicore® technology. This involves injecting a proprietary polyurethane foam in between the layers of the garage door, creating an unprecedented level of protection, quietness and strength.

Intellicore Insulation Technology

Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

You’ll find some of the following benefits with insulated garage doors:

1. Temperature Control

 You know an insulated door can prevent heat from escaping, but it can also prevent hot air from getting in. An insulated garage door works both ways. It keeps your garage cool in the summer, protected from the hot air generated by the blazing Florida sun. Not only does this make it more pleasant for you to get from your car into your home, but it means you can keep more items stored in your garage — items that might be susceptible to excessive heat.

2. Quiet

Did you know an insulated garage door can actually make your home quieter? In the same way insulation can absorb hot air, it can also absorb sound. You’re protected from people outside hearing you, as well as from excessive noise from the outside getting in. Your door itself will also be quieter due to the insulation, so if a noisy garage door is something that bothers you, an insulated garage door may be the answer.

3. Strength

Insulated garage doors are also more resistant to damage. The insulation within acts as a sort of shock absorber, reducing damage if anything should hit the door.

If you like the idea of keeping your garage cool and quiet in the Tampa Bay, Sarasota and surrounding areas, Banko Overhead Doors can install a new Clopay® insulated garage door for you. Look over our  selection of garage doors and contact us today for a free estimate on new insulated garage door installation.

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